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Help us start the conversation at our next event—with guest speakers Darnell Benjamin and Katie Bergman. The event starts May 20th, 2017 at Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine. There will be a raffle and silent auction that benefits 1N5.





May 20th, 2017

Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine
1225 Elm Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Darnell Benjamin
Katie Bergman

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There are plenty of parking options in the area. Central Parking System lot, 1201 Elm Street 45202, cost $5 for the evening. Or Washington Square Park, 1230 Elm St. 45202, has 450 space, cost $6 for the evening.

*The James W. Miller Memorial Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that serves to increase the awareness and education about mental health especially among the youth population.

Special event invite from Santa J. Ono himself   View Dr. Ono’s Invite

Spread Awareness.

Join our guest speakers as they share their stories and help spread awareness on mental health issues.

  • Darnell Benjamin | Actor, Dancer & Educator

    Darnell Benjamin, is a black, gay man who is an actor, dancer, and educator who battles with generalized anxiety disorder; his passion for mental health awareness has always crossed the intersection borders of art and activism as a means to educate and change the world.

  • Katie Bergman | Student & Advocate

    Katie Bergman, student, 18 years old, is an advocate for mental health awareness in the education system and reform in the political arena. Through her platform as founder of The Fearless Initiative, Katie is passionate about sharing her own journey with mental illness to foster honest conversation about often stigmatized topics.

Let’s help the 10.2 million adults that have co-occuring mental health and addiction disorders.

Raffle for Awareness.

Don’t miss your chance to win a $500 gift card to Kirk Jewelers in Historical Old Milford

  • Don’t miss our amazing paddle raffle and your chance to win a $500 gift card to Kirk Jewelers in Historic Old Milford. Apply towards a new watch, update a current piece or go in and dream of a new treasure.
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Live Auction to End the Stigma.

Your chance to win fabulous prizes while doing your part to start the conversation about mental health

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More to come…

Special Thanks to All Those Involved

Thanks to All Those Involved.

Special thanks to our Hostess/Hosts, the 1N5 Committee & everyone who has made this possible


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