The Power of Stepping Away

There is a beautiful message floating around social media this week about the power of stepping away. In the image, you see about 7 burnt matches and one match that is pulled down. By moving down and away from the fire, no other matches catch fire. 

The image stopped me in my tracks. I immediately thought about how powerful it can be to step away from a toxic person, negative environment, or unhealthy relationship. The image reminded me about the potential hidden by a positive mindset that gives you strength and courage to step away from hurtful people or unhealthy thoughts that fill your mind. It reminded me that ALL of us have the potential to step away from the chaos and give ourselves a fresh start. It’s like you are at a bowling alley and you have the ball in your hand. You are in control; you might miss the pins, but you are in control of the direction and decision to move forward. You might get a gutter ball or you might hit a strike; you don’t predict the future, but you can take positive action to change your life. 

You see, all of us, if we are being honest, can find something in our life that isn’t serving us. 

What did you say “YES” to when you really wanted to say “NO THANKS”? 

Who is crossing boundaries in your life, leaving you anxious and uncomfortable around them?

What toxic or hurtful thoughts are you telling yourself about your self-worth and capabilities? 

Imagine if you could just step away. Imagine if you set and honored new boundaries. Imagine if you said NO when you meant it and said YES to yourself more often. Imagine if you peacefully confronted that toxic person in your life? The one who is full of negative stories and ideas, the one who brings you down instead of lifts you up? We all know that person. Or maybe you are struggling, and you are that person right now. 

A quote that helps me every single day is, “Your current situation is not your final destination.” 

The hurt that you are feeling today, will eventually go away or turn into something servicing for you.

The stressful week in school will pass.

The overwhelming project at work will end. 

The jam-packed holiday schedule will fly by. 

The debt will eventually go away if you save and budget properly. 

The sadness you feel can be treated with medicine, therapy, and self-care that serves YOU! 

The anxiety you feel will float by like a leaf floating down the river on a Fall day. 

The heavy days feel heavy. And sometimes, the only thing you can do is sit in your bed and ride out the wave of depression or anxiety that is pressing down on you. But I believe in you and your power to step away and take action that serves you. I believe in you to change your mindset and surround yourself with people who make you better instead of making you anxious or uncomfortable. You are worthy of beautiful opportunities and people;  just be sure you step away from what is not serving you, honey. This image and reminder will hopefully serve you as you head into the holidays, which can be overwhelming and stressful for many of us! 

Much love,