1N5 Hosts Wellness Week At Western Hills High School

During this past week, select Western Hills High School (7th-12th grade) students had an entire week of wellness with the goal of reducing stress and anxiety around testing, but to also give them the tools for life.
1N5 kicked the week off on Monday by presenting to students on mental health and wellness and explaining the goal for the week.
Tuesday’s focus was to remind students how laughter and fun provide stress relief. Students were put on teams and competed against each other in 5 minute-to-win-it challenges. First, second, and third place received prizes to help sweeten the games. This games allowed students to work together and laugh along the way.
On Wednesday, students were taught a few different mindfulness techniques to use whenever their stress or anxiety levels begin to peak. Students practiced 3 deep breathes and then experienced a 10-minute grounding and gratitude mindfulness practice to truly help them settle in and learn how to reset whenever and wherever they need. Students were given the link to the 1N5 created mindfulness-based stress reduction practice recorded by our own MBSR-certified teacher, Meriden.
Thursday’s focus was on finding joy and calmness through gratitude reflections, coloring and therapy dogs. The students loved this topic and we want to thank Canines for Christ for providing the therapy dogs.
Friday brought us to the end of our week and students learned some introductory yoga poses focuses on reducing stress, decreasing anger response, and increasing energy taught by Meriden McGraw. The poses brought laughter and then calmness to the students.
Students were asked to rate the week on a 1-5 scale (with 5 being the best). We were so delighted when students gave the week 4s and 5s. Not only did they enjoy the week, but students said that they would like to do these activities again and walked out feeling less stressed and ready to tackle the state testing.