Meet Our New Self-care Contributor, Emma

Hi, Warriors! I’m Emma and I’m new to the 1N5 blog team! In the past, I’ve struggled with anxiety and anorexia BUT I’m now in recovery (for the anorexia – the anxiety is still a work in progress) and I have learned to cope by incorporating self-care into my routine. More on that next week but first…a little bit more about me since I am not defined by my illnesses.

I’m currently finishing up my freshman year at Xavier University. I work as a Patient Care Assistant on the Neurology & Trauma unit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Once I finish my nursing degree, my goal is to be re-hired by my unit as a nurse! Because I am a certified nerd, I’m also a peer tutor for Anatomy & Physiology (because one year of A&P was apparently not enough).

I grew up in Mason, Ohio with my parents, older sister, and twin. My sisters and I went to high school at Mount Notre Dame where we played field hockey. While I still love the sport, I decided not to play in college, as I have other interests that I’d like to pursue instead.

Most of my time is spent either learning in the classroom, studying at Starbucks, working at the hospital, or training for sport. Aside from those things, I also like to take the time to grab dinner with friends, get creative at a local pottery studio, or practice self-care.

Since I’m introducing myself, I find it almost necessary that I list off some fun facts and a few of my favorite things. Fun fact, I was born 2.5 months early and weighed only 2 pounds as a newborn. Depending on which family member you ask, it is said that my 5th great uncle invented the Mercedes Benz (his name was Karl Benz. My last name is also Benz. Also, no, I do not drive a Mercedes). I get overly excited when I see dogs and babies. My twin sister and I have completely opposite fashion styles, but somehow, we accidentally bought the same dress for our senior prom. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough. My favorite movie genre is comedy. Horror movies make me nervous. I’m super tomboy and wear Nike shorts and a t-shirt 99% of the time. In addition to my nursing major, I am pursuing a minor in psychology!

I think that pretty much covers it for now! Thanks for reading! Tune in next week, so we can dive back into self-care, mental health, and overall wellness.

Peace and love,