2018 Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge Projects Breathe Hope and Awareness into Cincinnati

Monday, May 13, was also a busy day with the implementation of two of our 2018 Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge projects came to life in Cincinnati.  Team Loud shared their presentation addressing the differences between Stress versus Anxiety and Sadness versus Depression with over 250 seventh and eighth grade students at Mariemont Junior High School.


The presentation included facts, videos, and interactive demonstrations and the students were provided with resources and contact information in the event they need to reach out to someone to address mental health concerns.  The students were engaged and seemed to walk away understanding the differences between Stress/Anxiety and Sadness/Depression and when and where to seek help when needed.


Also on Monday, Peers4Change, the top winner at our Innovation Challenge, revealed their project installation at Turpin High School.  The interactive display provided information on mental health including statistics, resources regarding mental wellness, and soundbites from six people sharing their stories.  Students were able to access the stories via QR codes or YouTube links to hear peers address their powerful mental health journeys.  The project exposed over 1,000 students to mental health education and story telling during the school day.