A Dose of Inconsistency

Hey Warriors!

Can you believe that summer is almost over? I move back to campus in less than two weeks, and – let me tell you – I’m not quite ready. Having spent the majority of my summer on the grind, I still feel the need for a vacation. I recently realized that I should bask in the remainder of my freedom, albeit limited due to my having a part-time job, summer classwork, and prior commitments to uphold. Still, I do have spare time and – rather than choose to fill it with more responsibilities as I have done all summer – I’ve decided to simply enjoy it.

For as long as I can remember, my days have been based on a schedule and a default routine. While this certainly does not apply to everyone, I’ve personally benefited from a relatively consistent lifestyle. Being organized with my time helps me to be both reliable and on-task. I make the most of my plans in advance and keep them organized in a written calendar. I don’t go to the extreme, planning my life down to the minute, but my days do tend to follow a typical pattern. While I mostly appreciate consistency, at times, it can make life seem a bit monotonous. During the school year, a routine is pretty much obligatory, so now is the perfect time for a bit more spontaneity in my life!

For some people, like my sister, being spontaneous is second nature. Personally, I need a little nudge (or a big nudge) when it comes to deviating from my norm. Recently, I’ve been trying to be more mindful of new opportunities as they arise. Additionally, I’ve been trying to say yes to more of them, even though my tendency is to stay inside my comfort zone. Planning ahead is my comfort zone, but this week, I busted out of it to do lots of memorable things. My twin and I took a last-minute drive to her friend’s farm and embraced our own inner-child-selves by repeatedly diving down a slip-and-slide on a grassy, mud slope. A few days later, I accompanied my mom and sisters to enjoy the grand tour of a summer camp, because my sister is a passionate camp counselor and wanted to show us where the magic happens. Lastly, I went SKYDIVING (well, indoor skydiving – sorry if I had you excited). This week has been a truly enjoyable adventure and, certainly, a nice change of pace.

Another habit of mine is to follow a fairly regular sleep schedule. I go to bed at my usual hour and I hit the ground running when the sun comes up. If I’m not up and moving before 8:30, something is off. Nonetheless, it’s going to be a struggle to roll out of bed an hour before my 8:00am classes during the regular school year. So, for the remainder of the summer, if I have the time and the desire to stay in bed for twenty extra minutes in the morning, that’s exactly what I’ll do. The other day, I stayed in bed until 9:45. It was awesome! This morning, I even got back into bed after deciding that I wasn’t quite ready to be productive. Not only have I enjoyed the added relaxation in the morning, but I’ve also felt more energized throughout the day! I could get used to this…

For the rest of the summer, I plan to enjoy my free time unplanned. I’m giving myself a vacation where I will say yes to new opportunities as they arise, as well as to rest and relaxation. I hope that this can carry over into the school year, even if it’s just a bit. Sure, I still appreciate consistency and productivity, so I’d rather not give that up entirely, but too often I find myself to be in a place of all work and no play. I could use a dose of inconsistency here and there. So, warriors, do you ever find yourself clinging to a tight schedule? Stuck inside the comfort zone of a regular routine? For the rest of the summer (and maybe even beyond), I encourage you to step outside the box. Break up the monotony and do something you wouldn’t normally do!

Peace & hugs (and spontaneity),


P.S. I’d love to hear about your adventures! Pop over to my DMs or drop a comment and tell me what you’re up to! 🙂