Mental Health Ambassador Program

Use your passion to spread awareness 

The mission of 1N5 is to promote optimal mental health for Greater Cincinnati youth through stigma reduction and customized, evidence-based education so that we live in a world without suicide. Our vision is for a community with optimal mental health for all.  A large amount of our work focuses on youth as 75% of all mental illness develops before the age of 24. We cannot help youth without involving youth. We cannot help our YOUTH without ‘YOU’!

We are looking for ten, outstanding, self-driven high school and college students to represent 1N5 as our mental health ambassadors on their respective campuses. These individuals must be passionate about mental health education and want to create change within their school’s community to help advance our mission to reduce the stigma, create optimal mental health for all and prevent suicide.

Responsibilities may include assisting with fundraising projects, blogging, storytelling, and recruiting advocates in order to increase awareness of mental health in our schools and STOP the STIGMA and START the CONVERSATION through your community network.

As a 1N5 Mental Health Ambassador, your role could include:
  • Promoting 1N5 wearable messages to advance 1N5’s mission.
  • Learning about 1N5’s mission and voice, mental health advocacy, and education by attending monthly training sessions.
  • Educating peers and family members on mental health and 1N5 using your networking skills. 
  • Engaging  peers with 1N5’s mission and messaging using personal social media accounts.
  • Embodying the principles of optimal mental health in order to educate peers.
  • Creating and maintaining community outreach and programming within your university or school.
  • Participating in and promoting 1N5’s Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge.

How to Apply:
  • The application deadline has passed.  Please watch for new applications in 2020.

Stop the Stigma.

Start the Conversation.

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