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    Self-Care Tips

    Self-care means taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. In other words, doing things that make you happy, help you to relax, and you know will benefit you. Self-care can help you create healthy relationships with others, reduce anxiety, and improve your happiness.

    • 11 Self-Care Tips for Teens and Young Adults

    • Set aside 10-30 minutes for an activity you enjoy.
    • Try a relaxing activity like yoga, meditation, or listening to music

    • Find a creative outlet that you enjoy such as drawing, painting, photography, making movies. 

    • Get enough sleep.
    • Spend time with your family–your chosen family or the family you were born into. 
    • Give to others! We can be generous with our time, money, resources, skills, power, and attention.
    • Reach out to a friend! You may be like umm, but just texting “hey” and seeing where it leads can help you too.

    Stress Management

    Students are among the most typical victims of stress. Factors such as financial expenses, family expectations, future uncertainty, deadlines, and workload all add to the stress students experience. While eliminating stress completely is not feasible, having too much stress is unhealthy. Here we hope to share tips on how to manage all of the expectations and stress that impact teens. 

    • Stress Management Tips for Students
    • Stay organized (use a planner and write down all you have to do for which classes)
    • Take breaks in between assignments as a reward (eating snacks or watching a video)
    • Take advantage of your time so that you’re better prepared for tests, quizzes, etc. (make flashcards on your phone, and take study materials with you if you know you’ll have free time)
    • Schedule time to hang with friends.
    • Go outside! 
    • Do some self- care

    Breathing Techniques

    Breathing techniques work in a manner that sends your brain messages to calm down and relax — thus relieving tension and stress. Common stress symptoms such as increased heart rate, fast breathing, and high blood pressure decrease as one takes deep breaths. 

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    Our Story: Our journey began at the 1N5 Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge, a competitive workshop that challenged teenagers to utilize design thinking in order to invent a creative solution to help solve today’s mental health stigmas. As a team, we came up with the idea of an Application or Website to resource various ways to practice wellness—from video games to journaling. (you can update this text here!)