13 Reasons Why

“Google queries about suicide rose by almost 20 percent in 19 days after the show came out”The Atlantic
“Google searches of ‘How to Commit Suicide’ went up 26 percent”NBC News

13 Reasons Why has been a controversy magnet for the way in which it glamorizes and sensationalizes suicide and other violent acts.  Mental Health professionals around the globe are cringing at the fact that they know just how many teens will not only be watching season 2 but will be binge watching season 1 in order to prepare for the premiere of the second season on Friday. 

One year ago, upon the release of season 1, an article in The Atlantic, chronicled just how concerning exposure to this dark depiction of teenage life is according to mental health experts.  There is a definite concern for suicide contagion and copycat behavior, the article states.

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