The 1N5 Team


  • Nancy Eigel-Miller

    Founder and Executive Director
  • Christine Browner

    Program Manager
  • Beth Dulle

    Operations Manager
  • Erin Horn

    Youth Programs & Training
  • Kayla Wood

    Social Media Specialist
  • Brandi Hamilton

    Social Media Manager

Nancy Eigel-Miller

Founder and Executive Director

NANCY EIGEL-MILLER – Founder and Executive Director
Nancy founded the James W. Miller Memorial Fund in 2010 after losing her husband, Jim, to suicide in 2008. She spent her career in the marketing/market research arena but felt compelled to foster education about the mental health crisis among our youth population. Her mission is to normalize conversation about mental illness, especially among the area’s youth.

Phone: 513.607.7434

Favorite 1N5 Project: Working in the schools
What you like most about 1N5: All the people I meet; the passion for the work; the youth and working with them
Wish for 1N5: We are in all of the schools in Greater Cincinnati

How you start your day: Meditating
Favorite Sport:  Xavier University Basketball
Super Power You Wish You Had: Time Travel

Family: Two amazing daughters, Elizabeth who lives in Philadelphia working in the juvenile defense arena and Kate who lives in NYC and works in the fashion industry.

Christine Browner

Program Manager

Christine joined the team in June 2020. She comes to 1N5 with a background in rare disease, domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse advocacy. Through personal and professional experiences, Christine has developed a deep passion for issues surrounding mental health.

Phone: 513.382.6095

Favorite 1N5 Project: The #iam1N5 project. I am inspired by every person who shares their story and struggles. I learn something each time.
What 3 words best describe 1N5: Committed, Collaborative and Community-focused
What is your hope for the future regarding mental health:  That every state recognizes the importance of supporting our children’s mental health with legislation that requires mental health education within schools.

How do you handle a bad day: I  go for a run. It never fails to turn my mood around.
First Concert: Bruce Springteen back in the 80’s.
Super Power You Wish You Had: Teleportation. I would love the ability to move instantaneously from one location to another.

Family: My husband, John, and I live in Cincinnati with our five children ages 15-22. We love to travel, cook, and ski together.

Beth Dulle

Operations Manager

BETH DULLE – Operations Manager
Beth joined the 1N5 team in March 2019 . Beth’s experience with organizational systems helps the 1N5 team streamline operations.  Her passion for stopping the stigma and educating people about mental illness was spurred by the loss of her son, Brogan, to suicide.

Phone: 513.814.3007

Favorite 1N5 Project: Educating people by providing resources for mental illness and mental wellness.
What you like most about 1N5: How we approach the difficult subject of mental illness with hope and positivity
What makes you proud about 1N5: We don’t often have to deny a request for help from the community because our team works so hard and so collaboratively.

How you start your day: Coffee, coffee and more coffee
Bucket List Item: Hiking the Camino de Santiago
Super Power You Wish You Had: Invisibility

Family:  Husband (Tom), 5 sons (Will, Brogan, Adam, Tim & Mac), daughter (Betsy), daughter-in-law (Nancy), grandson (Kellan), amazing partners for our kids (Sophie & Megan) and four dogs (Tanner, Lucy, Moira & Doofenshmirtz).

Erin Horn

Youth Programs & Training

ERIN HORN – Youth Programs & Trainings
Erin joined the team in June 2018 after spending five years as the business teacher at Turpin High School. Erin’s passion for educating youth shifted focus after she lost her brother to a years-long battle with severe depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Phone: 614.348.5319

Favorite 1N5 Project: I don’t think I can pick a favorite! Any project where I get to learn and work with people is my favorite!
What you like most about 1N5: I love knowing that the work we do truly helps people feel less alone.
Your hope for the future of mental health: I hope that every parent is able to learn how to have a conversation with their kids at a young age about what they are feeling and that voicing your feelings shows strength not weakness.

How you start your day: With a LARGE cup of coffee!
Self-care practice you are currently trying to make a habit: Trying to incorporate more mindfulness into my day. 
Super Power You Wish You Had: I would love to teleport. I find a lot of strength when I am able to connect with friends or family so being able to teleport would allow me to do this super easily and in-person.

Family: I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and I have three siblings. We lost my younger brother to his mental health condition in 2016, which is when I started volunteering with 1N5. My husband and I met in college and we’ve been married for 10 years. We now have three little boys (6, 4, 1) that keep us busy, happy, and exhausted

Kayla Wood

Social Media Specialist

KAYLA WOOD – Social Media Specialist
Kayla graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Journalism, a minor in Sociology and a certificate in Diversity Studies.  She began interning for 1N5 in fall, 2019 and was hired as the Social Media Specialist in February, 2020.

Phone: 513.365.9340

What you like most about working at 1N5: I love working for an organization that promotes optimal mental health for youth through evidence-based education and suicide prevention programming. I have experienced and witnessed first-hand what it’s like to suffer in silence, and I think it’s so important to stop the stigma and start the conversation surrounding mental illness.
Your favorite 1N5 project: Definitely the 1N5 of Us: Changing the Mental Health Landscape  podcast
Your hope for 1N5 in five years: I hope to see 1N5 expand to more schools and communities beyond the local Cincinnati area.

How you spend your spare time: I like to read, play music, watch Netflix, go on walks or runs, and hike with my dog!
Self-care practice you are currently trying to make a habit: I’m trying to build time for myself into my daily routine. As of right now, that’s taking time every morning to just enjoy my coffee before I jump into work or getting ready for the day.
Super Power You Wish You Had: Teleportation. I hate traffic and losing the time it takes to get from point A to point B!

Family: I have two younger brothers, one in college and one in high school. They’re both incredibly smart, driven, and talented. The older of the two lives with mental illness, and he helps drive me to continue doing this work!

Brandi Hamilton

Social Media Manager

BRANDI HAMILTON – Social Media Manager
Brandi spent 13 years in wellness management and the public health arena, including seven years as Assistant Director of the University of Cincinnati Campus Recreation Center. Brandi is passionate about helping others live a healthy life and achieve a state of optimal physical and mental wellbeing. Brandi also has professional experience in photography, marketing, and graphic design, and currently serves as the Social Media Manager at 1N5.

Phone: 513.814.3007

What you like most about 1N5: I love the work we do in the community, and as the Social Media Manager, I get to hear first-hand from our followers how our work has changed, and in some cases, saved lives.
Your favorite 1N5 project: I love the concept of the Youth Mental Health Innovation Challenge where we connect outstanding youth innovators with local professional mentors to help them solve mental health challenges in their communities.
Your hope for the state of mental health: I hope within the next couple of years that mental health education will be required at the state level for all grade levels and I believe that 1N5 stands apt and ready to guide schools in making the transition in a practical, sustainable and meaningful way. I also hope the need for education on the transition for students from high school to college is implemented either for upperclassmen in high school or as part of the college admission and onboarding process.

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, it would be: Special Education
How you spend your spare time: What’s spare time? (lol) When I get the chance to have some me-time, I enjoy long outdoor walks around the neighborhood or park and grabbing dinner + wine with friends.
Super Power You Wish You Had: To clone myself. Then I would have spare time.

Family: I am the mom of three children: an 8 year old boy, a 3 year old boy and a 4 month old girl. My 8 year old is a super witty, uber competitive lover of all sports who lives with fairly severe ADHD. My 3 year old is an incredibly funny and strong stage IV childhood cancer survivor and has recently been diagnosed with ASD, which our family is currently leaning to navigate. And my baby girl, Willow, is the happiest, easiest-going baby you’ll ever meet. She brings a new joy to each day that I never knew I so desperately needed.


  • Acadia Morgan

  • Colin Kelly

Acadia Morgan

General Intern

Colin Kelly

Videography and Graphic Design Intern