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A therapist can be a helping hand to guide, teach, and support you through life’s challenges.  There are many different types of therapy and therapists.

Local Resources (Greater Cincinnati Area)



MindPeace: Search for local providers and filter by insurance, age of person in need, specialty area, type of treatment, type of therapy, and provider preference (gender, race).

Pro Bono Counseling (by Mental Health America) offers free, short term therapy for uninsured, unemployed or unable to afford therapy services in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Community Engagement Collective: BIPOC Mental and Behavioral Health Provider Directory

National Resources

Psychology Today

Inclusive Therapists – centering on the needs of BIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities –

Latinx Therapy – services for Latinx community; 98% of therapists are bilingual –

Asian Mental Health Collective – services for Asian Americans –

Therapy for Queer People of Color Mental healtchare exclusively for queer and trans people of color –

Another option is to ask someone you trust.  A referral from a friend, colleague or doctor can be a good source for provider.

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