Mental Health Resources for Faculty & Staff

As an educator, you can make a lasting difference in the life of a student

Through proper education and awareness, we can stop the stigma surrounding mental health so that our youth can receive the support they need. Schools remain the most natural location for mental health education, support, and programming. In schools, the learning environment has already been established, and students are primed to absorb information and expand upon it. Through diligent research, we have identified a series of programs targeting each level of education.

These programs and training modules offer evidence-based tools to help you interact with students who are dealing with a mental health issue and the stresses of daily life. Our programs not only give you the tools to identify and provide support for youth in need but also aim to give you ways to create an open, positive dialogue surrounding mental health to prevent any crisis. Please use the portals below for more information.


Help Raise Awareness

Research shows that half of all lifetime cases of mental illness are present by age 14

Scientists are discovering that changes in the body leading to mental illness may start much earlier, before any symptoms appear. According to the National Institute for Mental Health, through greater understanding of child brain development, we are learning more about the early stages of a wide range of mental illnesses that may not appear until later in life. 

Once mental illness develops, it becomes a regular part of a child’s behavior and more difficult to treat. Even though we know how to treat (though not yet cure) many disorders, many children with mental illnesses are not getting treatment. Helping young children and their parents manage difficulties early in life may prevent the development of disorders. 

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