1N5 Reach Out App

An “at your fingertips” safety and education tool

1N5’s goal in creating the app is that everyone, youth and adults, will take advantage of this “at your fingertips” safety and educational tool. Its easy-to-navigate features enabling fast access to help in a crisis is what makes it so unique. One of the most important features of Reach Out is the ability to direct dial or text (with just one button) local emergency services and lifelines, including the newly active national 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. The app also offers information for those who may be struggling (Help Me) and for those who may be supporting someone in crisis (Help a Friend). There is a wealth of information about mental health including conditions, safety steps, risk factors and tools for coping. Another key component is the option to enter the names and contact numbers for people in your support network, making them immediately accessible in the event of a mental health crisis.

To download the Reach Out app to your phone or tablet, scan a QR code below.

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