1N5 of Us: Changing the Mental Health Landscape

A podcast working to STOP the stigma and START the conversation about mental health

This podcast takes a close look at many of the mental health challenges that exist while learning about people, programs, and organizations that are working to overcome these obstacles.  1 in 5 people experience a mental health challenge in any given year but with the proper intervention, individuals can go on to live full and productive lives. Tune in to find out to how to build a community that is empowered to START the conversation around mental health and wellness.


Episode 13 –  November 19, 2020: Creating Your Resilience Toolbox

For our thirteenth episode, we are introducing our State of Mind speaker series brought to you by 1N5 and MindPeace. This series  was made possible by the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and the COPE Grant.

Dr. Ashley Solomon, PsyD, CEDS and Founder of Galia Collaborative discusses how to create resilience. Resilience is the ability to adapt to adversity, trauma, loss, and other sources of stress. There are simple skills that can be taught to youth to build their resiliency. This podcast will introduce these evidence-based techniques and the rationale behind them. We hope you learn something new as you listen!

Episode 12 –  November 12, 2020: Impact of COVID-19 on College Students

For our twelfth episode, we talk with two Cincinnati college students, Delaney from Xavier and Karmen from the University of Cincinnati. We discuss all the challenges COVID-19 has brought on from the spring shut-down to returning to campus this past fall and various ways the students are taking care of their brain health! We hope you enjoy!

Episode 11 –  October 29, 2020: Changing the Mental Health Landscape

For our eleventh episode, we talk with Machen Champion, Director of Child Clinical Services and Outpatient Lead for Catalyst Consulting. Machen is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor,  Registered Play Therapist, and a Certified Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional. We e discuss how we can better take care of our mental health amidst a global pandemic, racial and social injustices, and the 2020 election season.

Episode 10 –  October 15, 2020: COVID’s Impact on Kids’ Mental Health

For our tenth episode, we talk with Rachel McCoy, The Clinical lead for school-based programs at Cincinnati Children’s hospital, and a Licensed professional clinical counselor. We look at how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted students’ mental health, and we discuss some of the resources available to those who may need help with their mental health during this challenging time.

Episode 9 –  October 1, 2020: Trauma-Informed Care in Schools

For our ninth episode, we talk with Alison Savage, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor and Senior Specialist, Program Management at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children. We discuss Trauma-Informed Care (TIC), how Alison supports schools with implementing a TIC practice, and how TIC practice helps build resiliency while deescalating or regulating a child in distress. We also learn more about the work The Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children and Joining Forces for Children is doing in the Cincinnati area.

Episode 8 September 17, 2020: Understanding ACES

For our eighth episode, we talk with Dr. Robert Shapiro, Director of the Child Abuse Team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children and Executive Director of Joining Forces for Children. The Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children is a premier program that has helped set the national standard for enhancing and strengthening evaluations of child abuse. They conduct state-of-the-art diagnostic, treatment, prevention, and training programs, as well as cutting-edge research in the field of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, child neglect, and parenting. Joining Forces for Children strives to address and prevent the risks of childhood adversity and work to strengthen families with the skills, knowledge, support, and resources they need to nurture their children’s health and well-being.

Episode 7 September 3, 2020: MindPeace Rooms

For our seventh episode, we talk with Elana Carnevale, Program Manager at Mindpeace. The mission of Mindpeace is to ensure that there is a seamless system of mental health care for children and adolescents that meets specific characteristics of quality, provides a continuum of care, has system connections, and is affordable. A focus is the improvement and expansion of school-based mental health services. One of Elana’s responsibilities is to oversee the MindPeace Rooms at various Cincinnati schools. MindPeace Rooms are used to help with de-escalation and provide a social-emotional learning environment where students can learn to self-regulate their bodies and emotions. We talk with Elana about how MindPeace Rooms are utilized, what they teach students, and what the outcomes have been thus far. We hope you enjoy!

Episode 6 August 20, 2020: The Power of Mindfulness

Meriden McGraw joins us to talk about the power of mindfulness.  She shares how mindfulness is a useful tool to promote mental well being, especially in situations of uncertainty and she explains how to get started with our own mindfulness practice.  Meriden combines her master’s level education in mental and public health with her training in mind-body modalities to teach about techniques for optimal wellness.

Episode 5 August 6, 2020: Starting the Mental Health Conversation with Kids

For our fifth episode, we talk with Dr. Anne Louise Lockhart, a Pediatric Psychologist who is Board Certified in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.  She is the Founder, President, and Owner of A New Day Pediatric Psychology, PLLC.

We talk with Dr. Lockhart about the stigma around mental health, the modalities of therapies she uses, how she advises parents to start the conversation with their children at different ages, and how to know if a teenager is experiencing typical development or might be experiencing a mental health need.

Episode 4 July 23, 2020: One Mom’s Journey Navigating a Mental Health Condition alongside her Child

In episode four, we talk to Anne Kelly, the mother of 3 kids, who has walked alongside her kids to help them navigate the mental health system here in Cincinnati.  Anne shares her experiences trying to help her kids, how she had some difficult conversations, and what she learned along the way.

Episode 3 July 9, 2020: Adapting for Life Program

For our third episode, we talk with Stacey Hoffman, LPCC, MEd, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Program Manager, Adapting for Life. Adapting for Life helps young people understand and identify the drivers that can lead to harmful and suicidal behavior and helps students find better ways of coping during difficult times, so they can adapt and lead healthier lives. We discuss the Adapting for Life program and what a holistic mental health program plan would look like for schools.  We also connect with Terri Thomas, a health and physical education teacher with over 30 years of classroom experience.  Terri shares the impact that the Adapting for Life program has on her students and how 1N5 has helped shift the mental health culture in the Mariemont schools.

Episode 2 June  25, 2020: What is Mental Health and Wellness?

Dr. Sorter is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati Medical School and has over 30 years of experience in psychiatry. We talked with him about trends he is seeing in adolescent mental health, what the role of parent/caregiver is for children and teens when a parent should be concerned about their child and burnout within the medical profession.  We also connect with Dr. Ashley Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist, leadership coach, and founder of Galia Collaborative. We discuss breaking down the stigma around mental health, how Galia helps individuals strengthen their mind, what self-care truly means, and tips on navigating the mental health system.

Episode 1 June 11, 2020: How 1N5 Came to Be 

Find out how 1N5 grew out of a family’s and a community’s desire to honor the memory of Jim Miller. 1N5’s Founder and Executive Director, Nancy Eigel-Miller, lost her husband Jim to suicide in 2008. Jim’s death by suicide came as a shock to everyone. No one knew Jim was silently suffering with suicidal thoughts as he was the one always engaging with others and making them feel comfortable.  What started out as the Jim Miller Memorial Mile has blossomed into the Warrior Run 5K and 1N5, a Cincinnati non-profit organization with a mission to promote optimal mental health for Cincinnati youth through stigma reduction and evidence-based mental health education.  

Podcasts will be released every other Thursday.  Next Episode: November 26, 2020.

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