Mental Health Tool Kits

Information and Activities to Help Make Mental Health a Priority

Education and awareness about mental health reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.  1N5 has created educational resources that can be used and shared to spread facts and information about the importance of addressing the topic of mental health.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Classroom Toolkit 10-15 minutes of education and activities for 5 consecutive days aimed at teaching students about the healthy practices that support them when they are going through a difficult time

Educator Survival Kit – Wellness resources for educators to promote self-care

Teacher’s Classroom Wellness Toolkit – Resources and tools for teachers to promote wellness  in their classrooms

Principal’s Toolkit – Resources and tools for principals to promote the importance of brain health in their schools

Mental Health Facts and Wellness Toolkit – Resources and tools to educate and promote general mental wellness

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Visit our Self-Care Page and Padlet for additional resources.

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