Workplace Programs for Mental Health

1N5 Workplace Mental Wellness Program

Our vision is a world without suicide and a community of people with optimal mental health. Since 2010, 1N5 has been leading transformational mental health work in the Cincinnati region. Our mission is to prevent suicide by erasing the stigma around mental illness and promoting optimal mental wellness.

The goal of 1N5’s Workplace Mental Wellness Program is to equip organizations with the necessary tools to implement a series of mental health programming that becomes embedded into their organizational culture and impacts the entire community. 


  • Create and implement customized, evidence-based mental health programming for organizations
  • Increase knowledge of signs and symptoms of mental illness and suicide
  • Build protective favors by increasing knowledge of healthy coping skills
  • Decrease the stigma of mental illness and suicide
  • Link at-risk individuals to necessary mental health treatment

Program Framework and Key Alignments

1N5’s continuous improvement process helps employers create a strong foundation for systemwide employee mental wellness.

Below outlines how 1N5’s Workplace Mental Wellness Program aligns with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Wellness Council of America (WELCOA), and the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

Education and Programming Solutions

The 1N5 Corporate Partnership process is simple, streamlined, and customized to meet the needs of each organization in an effective and efficient manner.


Needs Assessment, Climate Survey & Recommendations
1N5 begins a partnership with organizations by collecting data from employees and HR individuals through a Needs Assessment and Mental Health Climate Survey. 1N5 collaborates with organizations to discuss the survey data, including a review of all organizational mental health initiatives already in place, and offers recommendations.

On-going Coaching
Regular meetings with the organization are suggested to assist with planning, implementing, and continuous review and evaluation of outcomes.

Mind Matters: A Beginner’s Guide to Mental Health
An introduction to statistics around mental health, the mental health continuum, warning signs, how to support others, and where to find local and national resources. (30 min-2 hrs)

Building Resilience in the Face of Stress and Burnout 
Increases awareness of stressors and their implications on health and well-being. Participants will understand where stress works and where it can go wrong, understand the risks of burnout and trauma, as well as identify evidence-based stress coping skills. (1-2 hrs)

Building Better Mental Health through Leadership Support
Lays the groundwork to equip leaders with the skills to support the mental health of their team. (3.5-4 hrs)

Recharge + Reconnect
An opportunity to reflect on the people, places, and practices that help support mental health and well-being. Learn new ways to recharge and boost resilience through mindfulness, social connections, self-care strategies, sense of meaning, and a growth mindset. (60-90 min)

Building Resilience: An Upstream Look at Protective Factors 
An upstream look at protective factors and how to build those into a healthy lifestyle; take a lap around the wellness wheel. (45 min- 1 hr)

Unlocking the Power of Play
From improving memory and problem-solving skills to fostering empathy and building stronger relationships, play has the potential to have profound effects on our overall well being. (60-90 min)

Mindfulness Coaching
Mindfulness has proven to improve attention, reduce stress and anxiety, improve emotional regulation, and create greater compassion. (session lengths vary)

Customized Trainings 
Designed specifically for the organization, catering to their unique needs, addressing topics such as brain health, stress, trauma, and resilience. (session lengths vary)

State of Mind Video Series
A series of videos to promote mental health & wellness for all ages. (7-45 min)

Expert Speakers 
Expert speakers to present (virtually or in-person) to employees and/or leaders on topics including but not limited to signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, self-care, resilience, internet safety, mindfulness, and stress management. (session lengths vary)

Suicide Prevention Trainings – QPR (Question. Persuade. Refer.)
Designed to train anyone in a position to prevent suicide how to help save a life. (1.5-2 hrs)

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