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Help us STOP the stigma and START the conversation about mental health by sharing your #iAMWithYou story 

Mental illness and suicide impact more than the individuals battling illness or lost to suicide. It impacts everyone that knows and loves a person battling or lost to suicide. Join our movement of courageous individuals brave enough to share their stories of how mental illness and suicide have impacted their journey reminding those battling that #YouAreNotAlone and it is #NeverTooLate to get help.

Together we can STOP the stigma. START the conversation.


I’m Alison and this is my #iAMWithYou Story

Meet Alison, who shares her perspective after losing her father to suicide and what it was like watching her dad struggle with depression, addiction, and alcoholism. She’s since learned that his death was not her fault…and that he was so much more to her than just his illness.

I’m Tullus and this is my #iAMWithYou story

Mental illness and suicide impact much more than just the life that’s lost. It impacts everyone who knew and loved the person struggling. Because of this far-reaching effect, 1N5 is introducing a new series, #iAMWithYou, which will feature personal stories of those who fought alongside those with mental illness and how the journey and/or loss has impacted their lives. Meet Tullus Dean, …

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Help us STOP the stigma and START the conversation about mental health by sharing your story and #Iam1N5

1 in 5 teens and adults suffer from a mental illness. Many of those people suffer in silence due to the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Help us break the silence. Add your voice to the cause by sending us a video of you sharing your story with an #Iam1N5 sign, or submit your written story/message of support below.

Together let’s start the conversation. By creating a supportive, open community we can make real and positive changes for those struggling with their mental health.

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