1N5 Welcomes Summer Interns

1N5 is excited to announce our 2019 Summer Interns. Each intern is an integral part of our team, helping us to achieve our goal of stigma reduction and optimal mental health in and around our community.


Ashley McCray is 1N5’s development intern this Summer and Fall. She is currently working toward a degree in Psychology at Wright State University, where she will graduate this December. Throughout college, Ashley volunteered with Young Life, a non-profit that works directly with high school students. She is excited to work for 1N5, another organization that has a purposeful mission, where she can have a role in reducing mental health stigma.





Betsy Dulle, 1N5’s videography intern, recently graduated from Turpin High School and plans to attend The University of Cincinnati in the fall to study Anthropology. At Turpin, Betsy was a competitive swimmer and an avid photographer. She was in a number of clubs that advocated for mental health. Spending time outdoors, hiking and camping is one way Betsy practices self-care. She is eager to start her journey as a Bearcat and spread mental health awareness at UC. Starting the conversation is one area of mental health education that Betsy is passionate about. She believes that getting people to talk about mental health is the way to address the problem and that it will normalize the subject and encourage people to get help by reducing the stigma.



Charlie Ferguson is a rising sophomore at The Ohio State University specializing in Finance at The Max M. Fisher College of Business. He is on a Pre-Law track with a Legal Foundations of Society Minor. Charlie has been working with 1N5 since its inception as The Jim Miller Memorial Mile. He worked as a race volunteer, technology resource, and as a student advocate at The Summit Country Day School. He is excited to continue his involvement this summer as a Special Projects Intern.





Emily Favorito is working as one of our Content Development Interns this summer. She will be a 3rd year student at the University of Cincinnati this upcoming fall studying psychology and communication. At UC she is a member of Delta Delta Delta and serves as their Social Media Chairman. She is also employed at the Talbert House and works for the 281-CARE crisis hotline. As someone who has experienced various mental health challenges, she is passionate about the subject and hopes to continue spreading awareness and ending the stigma while interning at 1N5 and in her future career as a psychologist.




Grace Steinhart is a junior at Xavier University, double majoring in English and Public Relations. At Xavier, she works as a tour guide in their admissions department, as well as participates in copy editing for the Xavier Newswire. Grace is passionate about different social justice causes such as women’s rights and environmental sustainability. Some of her hobbies include reading, writing, and traveling. Mental health awareness has become an important part of her life, especially as a student on a college campus. She hopes to make a difference with her involvement as a marketing intern with 1N5, and cannot wait to be a part of their efforts to change the stigma.



Isaiah Kelly is a senior at Northern Kentucky University and graduating this upcoming May. He is pursuing his degree in computer informatics and computer science. Isaiah is involved in BMO (black men’s organization), an RA, and is 1N5’s graphic design/web design intern. Isaiah is excited to channel his passion for creating websites towards being an advocate of mental health this summer!





Katelyn Summers is an Adult Student at Xavier University working towards her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design. Katelyn has been with 1N5 as a graphic design intern since January and has created a variety of documents, signage and videos while at 1N5. In her free time, Katelyn is an active member of the table top gaming community of Cincinnati and spends her free time keeping her two cats from eating things they shouldn’t.





Molly Izenson is a rising senior at Miami University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Interactive Media Studies. She is passionate about making an impact in her local community, which initially drew her to an internship with 1N5. She wishes 1N5’s programming was available during her middle and high school years. During the school year, Molly is a leader at an organization in Oxford called “Opening Minds Through Art” where students create art with people who have dementia in order to express themselves creatively. Molly is excited to take on the role as social media intern and help start the conversation of mental health in the community.





Nicci Stemler is 1N5’S Development Intern for the summer. Nicci has her undergraduate degree in Education and is a full-time middle school teacher in Cincinnati. She is also in the process of obtaining her Masters degree in Organizational Leadership in hopes of working for a non-profit post graduation. She is thrilled to be interning at 1N5 and gaining experience in leadership, development, and mental health education. She is extremely passionate about changing the stigma around mental health—so this opportunity is golden. Nicci has struggled with mental health issues, and 1N5 is the exact organization she wishes was around when she was younger. She agrees wholeheartedly with 1N5’s mission, vision, and values. She says she loves that this organization wants to educate people on mental health, as it’s such a crucial first step to stopping the stigma and starting the conversation. Nicci is looking forward to growing this summer and helping change the conversation around mental health. It’s something she is passionate about and a journey she can’t wait to embark on!



Taryn Kleindienst is a third year student studying psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Taryn is a social media intern at 1N5, helping manage the organization’s Instagram account. She says she’s excited to be working for an organization that has such an educated view on mental health and it feels good to be a part of something that works towards ending the stigma.