Cracks of Light Amidst the Darkness

Brianna is sharing her story with us before taking over our IG this Friday! We think she’s so brave and fearless for speaking up and helping others feel less alone!

“I grew up in a broken home, always feeling alone, unworthy, and never understanding ‘why me?’ As things at home got worse, there was always this dark cloud of not understanding why I was the way I was (so sad, unable to concentrate, etc) and started participating in things that I never thought I would. I didn’t realize at the time that I was trying to ease/numb my heart and mind, that I was trying to fill some void, later learning that people and things cannot fill that void, at least in the ways that I was trying.

Things only got worse in high school, both at home and in every other aspect. From the outside, I don’t think many of my peers realized the every day struggle and pain I was feeling. I don’t think they could tell I was depressed and anxious. I participated in so many things to fill my time, to distract myself, at least temporarily. But about a week or so before my junior year started, I tried to kill myself. I swallowed some pills, but thankfully, my mom found me a few minutes later and rushed me to the hospital. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Thus began a long journey of self help, professional help, and trying to understand myself and navigate through life. In the years since that attempt, I’ve unlearned (and continue to) so many toxic lies I believed about myself and people like me. It has been a long, hard, exhausting, and rewarding journey. I am so thankful for friends that feel like family, my mother, and the two amazing counselors who have helped me along the way. Truly, if it weren’t for their love and them pointing me back to let faith, I would not be alive. I can’t wait to dive more into my story with you all!

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