Celebrate That You Are Living A Life You Once Dreamed Of

As humans, we complain a lot. We complain that it it is too cold and that we miss summer, and then summer comes and we complain that it is too hot and we wish it were fall. We complain that we don’t have enough in our lives and that our goals feel so far away. And then once we reach our goals, we find something else to complain about.

I read recently about not complaining about the things you once dreamed about and it truly struck me. I dreamed for a long time of leaving my 9 to 5 to speak full time. I dreamed of the ability to share my message with so many students and I dreamed of the flexibility in my schedule. I finally have that dream in my hand, I touch the reality of my dream every single day. But yet, I still find something to complain about. I complain that I am up early for speaking gigs or that I have to spend a few nights away from home. I complain that I have multiple speeches in one day. Simply put, I find something to complain about even though I am living my dream.

When we complain, we take away from the gratitude we could and likely should feel for our current situation. When I complain, I forget that my dream is real. Of course, my dreams are ever evolving, but I have to remember that at one point, this particular dream was just that, a dream, that felt far away.

We spend so much time seeking out new or better opportunities that we forget to celebrate what we have in front of us. We forget that the very dream we dreamt of, is now a reality. We forget that all that we worked so hard for, is finally in front of us.

What are you doing right now in this moment that a year ago, or 6 months ago, or even yesterday, you once only dreamed of? Maybe you are back out in the dating world, when 6 months ago that felt like the scariest thing in the world. Maybe you just started a new job, after you spent a year of applying to jobs that seemed to go nowhere. Maybe you were finally able to talk to someone about what you were going through, when just yesterday you felt like the pain of holding it in might swallow you whole but was too comfortable to step out of. Maybe you are hosting an event or part of an event that has a mission you are passionate about, that you were once too afraid to tell the world you were passionate about.

We are all doing something right now, that our past self was either consumed dreaming about or never saw coming. We are doing an amazing job on our journeys, so we should take a moment and celebrate ourselves. Celebrate the very thing you are doing right now that once was just a dream, no matter how big or how small. Always continue to dream big and work hard towards your dreams and goals, but never forget to stop and just embrace what you have right now in front of you.

For a moment, instead of complaining about your current situation, reflect on it. Ask yourself, “what do I have right now that I didn’t before?” One way I like to change my mindset, especially when I think about 7 AM speeches or multiple speeches in one day, is instead of saying “I have to speak so early” (which is only a complaint that makes me forget my dream) to “I get to speak this early and share my story” and then I become grateful that I have a voice, that I have a story, and that I have people to share my story with who want to listen.

You only “have” to do something when your mindset tells you that. Instead, you truly “get” to do all of the things in this world, even if it is the most daunting project at work, you still get to do that project, a project SO many people would do anything to work on, at your company, with your boss, with your pay.

If you find yourself complaining about your current situation, know that it is okay, be patient with yourself, you’re only human after all. But then remind yourself that you have worked hard for this experience, you should celebrate how far you have come, and always, always remember how blessed and lucky you are for getting to do the things you are doing.


Be Beautifully Simply You