Choose To Pour Your Energy Into Yourself And What You Need To Heal

Where are you investing your energy? The other day, I was at Target and these two women were spending so much energy fighting with the customers, cashiers and managers. They were upset that the woman in front of them didn’t come prepared to the store with her coupons. They very well may have been in a rush or had already been having a bad day, but I couldn’t help but think about how much energy they spent yelling at everyone around them.

It really got me thinking about how and where we invest our energy. This is not to say that your feelings aren’t valid, or that the feelings of these women at Target were not valid. But what I am saying is how you choose to invest in those feelings is important. And it can be even more impactful to choose to invest the energy you have into yourself. Your energy may be low or even non existent right now, but what if the little bit of energy that you do have, you chose to invest in kindness, patience and love towards yourself?

Things may be really heavy right now for you and the last thing you may want to do is invest positive or calming energy into a painful situation. But when you create the space to pour your energy into your feelings with compassion, you allow yourself to have energy in other areas of your life, and that can have an overall positive impact on your life.

When you choose to take time to pour energy into yourself and what you need, you give yourself the space to reset and be more loving towards others and towards yourself. Ask yourself where you are investing your energy and if the spaces you are investing your energy are draining you or empowering you? We are human and will have plenty of days where we get angry or upset and pour all of our energy into that anger or sadness where we feel depleted and maybe even take it out on someone else. Those days are valid and can happen to any of us. But I encourage you to pause in your struggle and ask yourself where you are pouring your energy into and see if where you are pouring it is helping or hurting you. Choose to pour your energy into being forgiving and patient with yourself when you have hard days. Choose to pour your energy into reaching out for help. Choose to pour your energy into what you need and who you need to be around to get through this challenging time.

I remember my coach used to tell us to relax our bodies while we were running, because if we clenched up, our bodies would put energy towards the area we were clenching and take away from the rest of the body that we needed to run faster. The same applied to birth and labor, I had to focus on relaxing my jaw and my body as a whole, to allow my body to use the muscles it needed to birth Charlotte. There are so many instances when we pour energy into parts of our body or parts of our lives that only drain us and keep us from getting to where we want to be.

We won’t always pour our energy into ourselves. We will have times where we pour it into people or situations that only further our frustrations. But you can start again. That’s the beauty of life, is that you always have opportunities to try again and to pour into yourself and what you need.

So ask yourself where your energy is going and do your best to feel your feeling and know what you are going through is valid, but then ask yourself where and how you can pour your energy so it’s the most helpful for you to get through this challenge.

It’s not easy to do, but I believe in you.


Be Beautifully Simply You