#DearCaroline on Friendship

TW: Suicide Loss
This week for #WarriorWednesday, Caroline McKeown was back with another new episode of her #DearCaroline vlog. This week, she’s talking about valuing your friendships. Recently, a friend of hers almost lost her life to suicide, and it made her think about what her friendships mean to her.
With limited in-person connection right now, Caroline recommends reaching out to your friends when you’re bored or just scrolling through your phone. Not only could it make their day, but it could improve your mental health, too!
We also want to remind everyone that friendship, or having a support system in place, is just one protective factor against suicidality. There are many other factors, and no one thing is enough to protect against suicidality. If you are struggling, check the resources page at http://1n5clone.wfcstaging.com/resources/ for more information.