Don’t Forget How Hard You’ve Worked To Get To This Very Moment

Pause and think about how far you have come.

My husband will often remind me about my first ever business card that was just promoting my blog. At the time, I had dreams but I never envisioned my career taking off the way that it did. He has lined up my few business cards to show the progression in not only the work I am doing, but the professionalism of my card.

Then the other day I was around a few people who helped me get my start a few years ago and the comment of, “look at how just an idea that you had has just blossomed” really reminded me yet again of just how far I really have come. I often forget the struggle I used to have even having confidence to speak in front of people and the hours I spent almost begging people to let me speak to their audience. I am truly living a life that I once dreamed of – I am helping people every day with the work I am doing. If you had told 19 year old me that I would be speaking in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, I wouldn’t believe you. But now it’s become my passion, and sometimes it’s so second nature to me that I forget to reflect on just how much work I have put in to get to where I am today.

It’s so easy for us to be in this moment and wish for more, or become complacent or comfortable. But I challenge you to reflect back to where you were 5 years ago, a year ago or even 6 months ago and ask yourself what you wanted back then. Are you living out any of those dreams now? If so, amazing! Take some time and really reflect on all of the hard work, the ups and downs, that you have had to experience to get to this moment. And if not, that’s okay. Take this as your reminder that you can turn an idea into reality, you can plant a seed and it can blossom into a garden of flowers.

All this to say, while you are living in your now, don’t forget how hard you have worked to get here, and don’t forget to hold onto hope that even better things are coming your way.

It felt so good to reflect where I came from, and it feels good that other people see it too. I see it for you. You keep showing up every day. You truly are a warrior and I am so proud of you.

Be Beautifully Simply You