Embrace the Beauty of Life

Lately, I’ve had a hard time thinking about or doing anything that brings me pure joy and happiness. My mind has been preoccupied with the fear of COVID-19, rising tensions in the socio-political landscape, and how the world will continue to be impacted by these issues. I have to make a conscious effort to recognize the beauty in life right now.

When I take a moment to breathe and clear my head of all these worries and fears, I can let in all that’s good around me. I can soak in the joy and beauty as I sit sipping coffee on my balcony with my puppy on my lap. I can see the sun shine on the bustling street below me, and I can recognize the gift of living.

We’re returning to the fast-paced lives we’d come to know pre-COVID and falling back into old, sometimes negative, routines. For me, that means not taking time to fully appreciate life, joy, love, beauty, any of the things that make living worthwhile. But this morning, for the first time in a long time, I woke up grateful. I woke up grateful to be living and thriving in a world where so many things are falling apart. I woke up grateful to hear the birds sing, to watch the cars pass by, to sit silently with my puppy who came into my life when I needed him most.

I know every day won’t be like today. I won’t wake up happy to be alive every morning. But I know I can take time to let myself enjoy the beauty and the gift of life, even when it feels messy.

Let yourself take a moment to breathe and recognize the beauty all around you.

Stay healthy. Stay happy.


Kayla W.