Founder of Stigma Breakers Takes Over Insta Stories

This week for #freeyourmindfriday, Berkeley Fisher, the Warrior behind the website, took over our Insta stories to talk about mental health and stopping the stigma. Check out her bio below!

I was the pretty, popular cheerleader in middle and high school, always smiling, friends with everyone. I was bubbly and outgoing and smart. But underneath it all, I was struggling with my depression and anxiety in silence. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to speak out, and it made me feel so alone like I was the only person going through it.

That’s why I created the blog Stigma Breakers. I want to break that silence. I want to break the stigma of mental health—the one that says we can’t and don’t talk about it. I never want another person to go through what I went through alone. My aim is that somewhere out there, someone is gaining hope through my struggles. I have overcome so much, and so can you.

You are not alone. We are fighting this together. You matter to me, and you matter to so many others. Keep pushing.