Give Yourself Grace During Your Current Life Transitions

I hope you can give yourself grace on whatever life transition you are in. We are constantly changing, growing and challenging ourselves and within the challenges we can often feel doubt about ourselves, about our circumstances, and about our future. We can feel like we are stuck, and that there is no hope for a better tomorrow. We can get so wrapped up in the hard of the now, that we forget to give ourselves grace, patience and love on this journey and we forget to remember that every life transition can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t worth working through those transitions and getting to the other side of the hard.

I hope you can remember that this transition is exactly that, a transition. One with growing pains, adjustments, and fear. But every day you are getting up and you are doing your best. Give yourself grace for choosing to get up and giving each day your best, no matter what that looks like.

I think about the transitions I experience every day. After becoming a mom, which was one of the biggest transitions of my life, I continued to transition and pivot and change, because my daughter is constantly changing. Each new phase of her life leads me to transition with it and find new ways to manage it all. Is it difficult? Of course! Do I always give myself grace and kindness? Definitely not. But I try my best to remind myself that I am doing a good job and that I am transitioning and pivoting just as I have before in different situations and I am worthy and capable of doing it again.

So whatever life change and transition you are experiencing, whatever pain, fear, exhaustion, identity challenge or sadness you are faced with right now – know that you are worthy of going through this transition. Know that things may be difficult right now but you are worthy of experiencing the hard and getting to the other side of the hard. Keep holding on, know that you are gaining a wealth of information about yourself and the world around you as you face this challenging transition. It will get easier, the hard will feel less hard, and you’ll look back proud of yourself that you did your best, but that most importantly you were kind to yourself through it.

Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can.

Be Beautifully Simply You