Give Yourself The Gift of Self Love And Compassion This Holiday

This holiday season is one I am very excited about – my daughter’s first Christmas. I am excited to create the same magic for her that I had when I was growing up. During the holidays, we focus so much on giving to others to make them happy and fill them with joy. That’s exactly what the holiday season is about, giving to others. Outside of the holidays, we continue to give and show up for others but tend to neglect ourselves and what we need.

This holiday season, I want you also to reflect on how you might be able to give to yourself. You are worthy of receiving the gifts of self-love, confidence, self-validation and mental wellness. You are worthy of gifting yourself a break and pouring into yourself for a change. Being who you are is a gift. Taking care of yourself and loving yourself is a gift. Both are gifts that we often choose not to open, we leave them unopened collecting dust on the shelf. I truly challenge you to open those gifts this year for yourself. I challenge you to ask yourself what gift you need this year and take the time to give it to yourself. If you need more self-love, I challenge you to do the work to push out the negative comments you tell yourself and rewire your brain to see how incredible you are just by being you by writing down affirmations and repeating them consistently. If you need a break from your constantly busy lifestyle, I challenge you to ask for help – ask for an extended deadline, a day off, help with a project, help with your kids for a few hours. Ask for help and give yourself the gift of taking a break to refill your own cup.

Although I am excited about the holidays, it’s also emotional for me thinking about my mom not being here. I have also been emotionally burnt out from things happening in my life. So I am also giving myself the gift of taking a well deserved and much needed break from work. I have put up my out of office through the holidays and through my birthday in January and I am so excited to allow myself to reset and rejuvenate and pour into my cup. This is absolutely the best gift I can give myself this year – which is to recognize that I am having a tough time and taking an actionable step in helping myself through this tough time.

As we are constantly pressured to give to everyone but ourselves, I hope you make the decision to give to yourself as well. It’s not selfish to do so. Giving yourself the gifts that you need to feel like yourself to make you feel whole or renewed which will ultimately end up being gifts to other people. Because giving to yourself allows you to be your best self for others.

So this holiday season and in all days moving forward, know that you are worthy of receiving gifts from others and from yourself. Know that you can give yourself the gift of what you need this year. And know that when you pour into yourself, your world can begin to look brighter and you can begin to feel whole on this journey. You are a gift. You are worthy of receiving gifts. Take care of you during this holiday season, too.


Be Beautifully Simply You