If You Are Looking For A Sign, Look Within

If you’re looking for a sign, look within yourself, look at your past, the lessons you have learned. The answers are there, you just have to take some time to reflect.

I spend a lot of time talking to my mom in heaven. I spend a lot of time asking her for signs of wisdom, signs of comfort, signs that everything will be okay. I remember the day after she passed away, I felt so angry that she had a traumatic death and not a peaceful one like she deserved, so I asked for a sign that even if she died in pain, that she was okay now and at peace. At the same moment I asked for that sign, I looked over in my parents backyard and there was one purple flower in a field of green. Purple was her favorite color and the color for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and became a signifying color for our family. In that moment, that was the sign I needed.

Sometimes I want signs to be as clear as that one was that day. I want to feel so deeply her messages to me and what she would be advising me to do in hard times. It’s been quite silent lately from my mom, despite my pleas for her wisdom. But I was reminded to look within and that my mom spent my entire life teaching me tools that she wanted me to carry throughout my life. I have all of the answers within me, I just need to create the space to reflect on the lessons that my mom instilled in me, to know exactly what she would advise me to do.

So if you’re looking for a sign, if you’re begging the universe to drop a note telling you what to do, instead, I encourage you to look within. I encourage you to look at your past challenges and what helped you through. I encourage you to reflect back on the life lessons from those most important to you and how you can use those lessons in this situation. I encourage you to ask yourself what you truly want and need for yourself and trust that you have all that you need and all of the answers within you. Because you’ve gotten through hard times before, and you can do it again.

Look within. Find time to create peace around you to be able to look within and find the answers you are searching for. Although it would be so much easier to have a crystal ball drop from the sky telling us which road to travel, it’s unfortunately not realistic. But I have hope and I feel reassured that no matter what road you take, things will work out. If you truly look within and reflect, you will know what road to take, you will know how to set yourself free from the chains that may be holding you back.

Look within. You are capable of more than you give yourself credit for.


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