I’m Tyler and this is my 1N5 journey…

Meet Tyler, who is overcoming alcoholism one day at a time and has been sober for FIVE YEARS now! Tyler’s story is so relatable and honest. He remembers the period of denial and comparison to others: “No. I’m just like everyone else. I go out. I have fun. I get hammered. I move on. Except…I couldn’t. Because I can see now but couldn’t see it then…it affected every aspect of my life.” He also addresses stigma and why your life is worth fighting this battle.

“There’s such a stigma when it comes to addiction, that we shouldn’t talk about it, that it somehow it’s a lessening of our being, that it takes a piece out of us. Just because you may be in a dark place right now, it’s NOT a failure. It’s a challenge. I rose above that challenge…It’s a challenge worth defeating.”

Thanks, Tyler for being so open and willing to share and for saving lives with your story!