It’s Okay to Pivot

It’s okay to continuously pivot and go in different directions.

Our path and journey in life is unpredictable. We never quite fully know where we will end up. That can be scary, but it can also be exciting and empowering. And it’s okay if you take one path that at one point felt like the right choice for your future, and while venturing on that path, you decide you want something different for yourself.

Society makes us think we have to have it all figured out right now. That can be in regards to school, what we are going to do with our lives in our careers, or in our relationships. When you graduate school, everyone is asking you what your career path is. When you get into a relationship, everyone is asking you when you are getting married. It continues on and on and on. Even once you’ve had one child, the questions come of when you will have a second or a third. It can all feel overwhelming. But this is your reminder that you don’t have to have it all figured out right now. And if you end up at that dream college, or land that dream job, or find that dream partner and you realize that the dream no longer exists for you, it’s okay to find a new dream. It’s okay to realize something you thought would be good for you long term, actually isn’t that great for you. It’s okay to pivot, change and grow. Life is too short to stay stuck in situations that aren’t good for us. I have to remind myself of this also.

I too am figuring out my future moving forward and I am continuously hoping and wishing that what I have found is the permanent dream. But I can never be sure. All I can do is trust my body and my gut and when my body and gut say it’s time for something new, I am leaning into trusting my body and taking a risk on me. And all the while, I try my best to live in the moment and find gratitude for the dreams I am living that feel good, even if at one point these dreams weren’t dreams I ever had for myself. I feel so strong as a single mom, even though I have my tough moments. I have the most amazing daughter who brings light to my soul. I own a house all by myself and feel so incredibly proud of myself for that. And I have incredible friends and family who lift me higher every day.

Years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be living the life I am right now. I wouldn’t have wished this on my worst enemy. But now I feel grounded and sure that I am making the right decisions for myself and my daughter every day. We are living a version of a dream. But I’ve had to pivot and change so many dreams of mine. And you will have to too. It doesn’t make you a failure if your dreams change, or if your life looks different than you wanted it to. Your life is exactly how it’s supposed to be right now, as you build the strength and courage to build new dreams that set your soul on fire.


Be Beautifully Simply You