Many Things Feel Hard Or Scary Until They Are Done

Often times things will feel scary or hard to do, and that fear keeps us from starting in the first place. Many things feel scary or really hard, until they’re done and we realize that we were stronger than we thought.

My daughter just turned one – which is crazy to me how quickly this year has flown by. I’ve been reflecting on the day she came into the world. I remember being in labor and being in pain and just wanting it to be over and vowing to myself that I would never give birth again. But now I look back and I keep saying to myself how much I loved labor and how empowering it was. I almost laugh at myself and my huge mindset shift. But the thing about my mindset around something that was really hard, is that I can look back at the situation with gratitude for my body and for my strength. In the moment, labor felt impossible to get through, but now I can say I would happily do it again. Many things feel hard or even impossible, until they’re done.

Can you think of scenarios like mine in your life? Where you were so fearful about something you had to overcome because it felt really hard to do? Did that fear of how hard that situation was keep you from performing the way you wanted to? Can you look back now with gratitude for the situation and what it taught you or how it changed you for the better? Reflect on that situation that felt really hard, and recognize that you came out on the other side and no matter what the journey looked like and no matter the outcome, you got through that situation.

Things in your life may be hard or scary, but you can get through them. You have gotten through them before in the past. You can reflect on all of the hard things you have done in your life and how you got through them. Some situations you’ll look back and you’ll always remember just how difficult they were to get through, and others you’ll look back and realize that it was the fear of the difficulty that was bigger and felt harder than the situation itself. This is your reminder that you are stronger than you think and that you can get through situations that feel really scary or difficult. You can come out on the other side and you can look back and feel proud of yourself for getting through something that once felt impossible.


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