Mental Health Tool Kit

May is Mental Health Month

Education and awareness about mental health are always important but during the month of May, they are emphasized as we work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.  1N5 has created educational resources that can be used and shared to spread facts and information about the importance of addressing the topic of mental health.  All of the images below are linked to a .pdf file for your convenience in dowloading them to print and share.

  • Educate yourself with youth mental health facts.

  • Tips on maintaining total wellness.

  • Stop the Stigma. Start the Conversation. Infographic to print and share.

  • Printable Mental Health Facts Bookmarks

  • Mental Health Parent Guide – Ages 3-12

  • Mental Health Parent Guide – Ages 13-19

  • Jellyfish Coloring Page

  • Owl Coloring Page

Check out our Self-Care Page and Padlet for additional resources.

Stop the Stigma.

Start the Conversation.

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