Redefining Your Superwoman with Dr. Zoe Shaw

Dr. Zoe Shaw, licensed psychotherapist, wife and mother of five is sharing her passion for women empowerment with our warriors by taking over our Instagram!

Dr. Zoe Shaw is also a motivational speaker, radio show host, life coach and fitness fanatic. She is passionate about helping women attain that illusive work/ life/ self/ relationship balance by cultivating healthy minds and bodies.

After 15 years in traditional psychotherapy practice, Dr. Zoe jumped off the couch and now helps women using a different modality with a mix of virtual therapy, coaching services and programs designed specifically for women trying to have it all, who sometimes struggle in the superwoman game.

Dr. Zoe loves to talk to audiences about topics regarding what women “in the thick of life” tend to struggle with:

  • Co-parenting
  • Getting Past Your Fear- showing up to live your best life
  • Stress reduction
  • Relationship Issues
  • How in the world you can fit self care into your busy life
  • Work/life balance (stop striving for it- It’s impossible- what you should aspire to instead)
  • Dealing with life’s transitions (divorce, empty nest, finding self and passions again)
  • Dating as a single mom

Dr. Zoe is a frequent blogger and is a YourTango and Grit and Grace Project Expert writing about helping women redefine their Superwoman. You can find her in the media on Instagram: @Drzoeshaw and in most social places at the handle @DrZoeShaw