Saying Goodbye To “New Year, New You” Mentality

The new year used to bring a certain amount of unnecessary pressure and stress for me. I am a very goal oriented person all 12 months of the year, but when January 1st hits, the pressure rises higher in my brain to set unachievable goals (yes, unachievable goals) that I can cross off my list by the end of the year just to say I did them.

Unfortunately, I have routinely found out that this does not work, year over year, and I end my December in disappointment. I still find gratitude in the goals I did accomplish throughout the year; however, most of them were not set on the morning of January 1st…they were set later on in the year when the pressure settled and I am more accepting of my resources, environment, and bandwidth.

This year I am embracing radical acceptance. I am saying goodbye to the “New Year, New You” mentality that society pushes each January.

Instead of making list after list of every detail I want to change about myself and my future, I am welcoming the person I am today and feeling grateful for the steps I took to get here. This year, I don’t need to buy new planners for goal setting, new water bottles to drink more water, or new delivery meal plans for the fad diet of 2023.

Radical acceptance acknowledges that life isn’t linear; everyone’s journey is different, and there may be obstacles along the way unique to every person. My intention for the new year is to give myself the grace to create new goals, adjust old goals, and accept the process as it comes without comparison to others.

Thank you 2022 for all the lessons you have taught me. Welcome 2023 for the opportunities yet to come. What intentions do you have for 2023?