Self-Care Blog by Ivy

You are capable of more than you know. Believe in yourself.

A few weeks back, I had to record a presentation for a virtual summit. The day that I had to record was a rough one emotionally, I was not feeling up to speak, I had a rough night the night before grieving my mom. I went through the motions and recorded what I needed to, and the second it was over, I was thankful, not so much so for the opportunity but because I didn’t have to put on a face and push through the pain for the rest of the day.

I felt like I was off my game that day, that my message did not get across. Today, I watched the virtual summit and was shocked by how much better I did than I thought. And then it hit me – we are so much more capable than we know. At the moment of recording, I felt sad and hopeless and just wanted the experience to be over. But watching myself speak, I looked and sounded powerful.

Your 100% will look different every day and that’s more than okay. What’s pretty awesome is that if we put in even the smallest amount of work and effort and show up for ourselves, we will often surprise ourselves with the result.

So even when it’s painful, don’t give up. Don’t give up hope. Keep going and keep fighting. You are so competent. And so am I. This was a beautiful reminder for me as I work through the day-to-day pain I am feeling. We can do this.


Be Beautifully Simply You