Self-Care Blog by Ivy

I’m redefining this transition period of my life. I’m redefining what happiness looks and feels like to me.

I’ve felt stuck recently. I’m in this in-between period where I’ve made decisions and now I’m just in the wait-and-see period of what comes next in my life. It’s felt a little strange for me because I’m always eager to know what comes next. I am a planner at heart. This is probably the first time in my life that I’m giving myself this much time to just be, to not rush, and to just be in this moment of transition. I’ve realized I haven’t had much time to grieve the decisions I’ve made and the past. I’m a full-time, stay-at-home, working, single mom, so there’s not much time for myself. I often think I’ll use my quick 5-minute shower to reflect, but then I think about something else related to the day-to-day.

But I’ve realized that there are other ways to grieve what is no longer meant for my life. And for me right now that doesn’t feel like crying, but it feels like just allowing myself to be. The past few days I’ve been wanting to find more joy in my days. Sometimes life with a toddler can feel like it drags on and I’ve been asking myself – “how do I create spaces and time for my continued healing when I have so much on my plate?” And this week it finally clicked, I’ve been including my daughter in those activities with me. This week has been full of dance parties together, walks together, sitting in silence together, and cooking together.

I’m redefining this transition period. I’m redefining happiness. I’m finding joy and peace in this period. I’m creating our happiness bubble and it feels good to have true joy in my life.

Not every day of your journey is going to make sense. Maybe you too, have always been someone who jumps from one thing to the next and can’t sit still and always needs to plan. I encourage you to just be in this transition period between the old and the new. Find joy in being on your own. Find comfort in the quiet peace of the normal day-to-day. The more you allow yourself to just be, the more you allow yourself to trust the process, and the more you give yourself space to truly heal and feel in your way, the better you will be when this transition period moves out of your life.

You’re transitioning and growing and molding. Give yourself space to just be but also give yourself the time and energy to define or redefine happiness and joy for yourself right now. Your future self will thank you. I’m right here with you. Figuring it all out one step at a time.


Be Beautifully Simply You