Self-Care Guest Blog By Clare

Hello! My name is Clare Hall, and I recently joined the 1N5 team as a general intern. I am a 4th year public health student at the University of Cincinnati. I will graduate this upcoming August and I hope to work in health promotions in the future.

Self-care has not always been a commitment in my life. Just as many people would admit, my relationship with prioritizing myself and my well-being fluctuates. Sometimes it is not easy to take time for yourself. But as somebody who struggles with anxiety, self-care makes a huge difference in my routine.

Keeping track of my mental health is a necessity of mine. It can be hard to recognize your emotions, but listening to my mind and body makes all the difference to me. It has taken me awhile to understand that it is okay to say no and to take mental health breaks when you’re just not feeling your best. Addressing my feelings head on and practicing self-care during difficult times makes me a stronger person. It truly empowers me to know my mind.

I think self-care is all the little things that make you happy. I love to take time to take a long shower or do a new skin care routine. I love to light a candle and read a book. I love TV nights with my friends or fixing myself a nice dinner. Anything that helps me disconnect when I am feeling overwhelmed is helpful for my well-being. My favorite form of self-care is physical care. I always try to find an hour of my day to walk outside or take a workout class. Moving my body gives me a mental boost like no other and helps me feel my best every day.

The best thing you can do is invest in yourself. Take the time to get to know your mind a little more. There are many resources that aid us in staying connected with our emotions. Start a journal or log your feelings each day. Your mind and body are your home! Nourish your relationship with yourself and see how much more you can learn and explore about you.