Self-Care Guest Blog By Xander

How’s it going! My name is Xander Wells and I’m a fourth-year student double majoring in Finance and Psychology at the University of Cincinnati.

My time as a Bearcat has been special in so many ways. I am beyond grateful for the places I’ve been and people I’ve met over the last four years. There have been road trips, internships, student organizations, relationships, academics, and countless other adventures along the way. All of which have shaped who I am today.

There have also been panic attacks, sleepless nights, doctors appointments, breakdowns, and puddles of tears. All of which have also shaped who I am today.

Self-Care is difficult to define. The stories we live are composed of countless smaller moments. Each moment is unique and each person is unique. Because of this, I feel that different types of self-care work for different people and different types of self-care work in different moments. There’s not one right way to love yourself.

For me, self-care is anything that grounds me to the present and allows me to feel the beauty of each moment. As time has gone on, I’ve come to learn that self-care is ongoing and ever changing.

Some nights self-care is a shower with the lights dimmed and a playlist that reminds me of the mountains, other times it’s a winter run through a hilly campus with EDM pumping through my veins.

Some nights self-care is a mediocre attempt to play Vance Joy’s Riptide on the Ukulele, other times it’s a beer on the balcony with my closest friends and the sounds of laughter until late in the night.

Some nights self-care is stretching, breathing, reading, and meditating, other times it’s a warm embrace with a loved one.

Self-care can be anything we want it to be! Trying out new self-care techniques and sharing your favorites with those around you helps to build a loving and supportive community! I hope this post revealed some new ways for you to love yourself! I can’t wait for you to continue your journey with self-care and spread some love along the way!