Self-Care is needed in this journey to recovery

As Eating Disorders Awareness Week comes to an end, I wanted to share what self-care looks like for me in my recovery journey from an eating disorder.

I wear a little gold necklace with an ampersand charm every day. This little “&” sign is a reminder to me that two opposite feelings can be true for me at the same time. On the days when recovery feels like the obvious choice, it is a reminder to be proud of how far I’ve come AND speak kindly to the version of myself four years ago who still had so much progress to make. On the hard days when I feel like I’m back at square one, I remind myself that I can be both struggling AND growing simultaneously.

A big part of my healing journey has been spreading awareness about eating disorders with 1N5. A few weeks ago, I went back to my high school @saintursulaacademy to talk about mind-body wellness, self-care, and body image. During a very special discussion with the senior class, I opened up about my experience with an eating disorder and why I wear this necklace every day. It felt as though I was talking to 20 younger versions of myself, sitting in the same seats I once did. I felt my eating disorder journey become all that I have learned AND all that I wish I knew when I was younger. I am so lucky to share these lessons with the community through 1N5, which constantly reminds me of the power of being brave AND vulnerable.

Self-care for me looks different every day. It is hot yoga AND going to bed early. It is finding foods that make my body feel good AND those that are kind to my mind. It is checking in on the people I love AND leaning into my support system when I need it. At the core of it all is that little “&” that has taught me to embrace every part of recovery AND every part of myself.

Thank you, 1N5, for giving me the space to share my story AND find healing in the process <3