Self-Care Sundays

Hi, I’m Liz! The one in the middle πŸ˜‰ I’m new to the 1N5 team and super excited to be sharing a part of my self-care journey with you.Β  It has been a journey to say the least. As you can see I am FULLY surrounded with love and life and a lot to care for. In the midst of this beautiful chaos I’ve found it easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Shuffling marriage, motherhood, work, friendships, etc. can give you a full life but can also make you lose yourself in the midst of it. While all of these things are beautiful and I am grateful for each and every one (especially the five people you see in this picture) I’ve had to learn over time that if I’m not taking care of myself, no ones getting the best of me and I am NOT doing well.

Part of my vision for this small space on the 1N5 blog is to share the good and the bad, what works and doesn’t work, and what I do to take care of myself. In addition to my own self-care story I intend to interview other people in the community. People who are beginning their self-care discovery and some who seem to have mastered the art. Hopefully this will be a small safe space to laugh, learn, and discover new ways we can fully invest in ourselves. Let the Journey Begin!