Shifting energy through grief

It’s okay if you don’t have same energy around the things you used to.

This is a message I keep trying to remind myself. I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll mention it now, my motivation levels are so low, writing these blogs are so hard to do these days. Let’s not even mention the speaking engagement I had last week that I basically dragged myself to log onto.

My therapist reminded me that my energy is going into two really huge areas of my life – grieving the loss of my mother, and creating a human. Both are exhausting. Both make me emotional. Both take most of my energy and my desire to do anything else.

And I’m learning and reminding myself that that is okay. One day, my energy may look different. One day, this storm will pass. One day, I may get excited about blogging or speaking like I used to. But today is not that day. And that’s okay. Tomorrow and the day after that are new days and new opportunities to try again.

So if you’re struggling to stay motivated to do the things you used to love to do, this is your reminder that it is okay and this too shall pass. If you’re struggling to find the passion around things that used to get you fired up and excited, I feel you and see you and you are not alone. If your energy is going to areas such as grief or pain or something else, it’s okay for priorities to shift every now and then.

Things change, we change, we grow, our perspectives and our desires and needs change. That doesn’t make you a failure. So together, I hope we hold onto hope that although change is inevitable, it isn’t all bad, and that whatever storm we are on, it will pass and it will change and only make us stronger and more resilient.

This storm I am in is having lasting effects on my work and personal life. But I will keep moving forward as best I can in that particular moment.

Wherever you are, whatever you are feeling, it’s okay. You are still the incredible person you’ve always been, despite the pain you may be feeling.


Be Beautifully Simply You