Slow down and focus on what’s important to you.

Slow down and focus on what’s important to you. This has become my new focus. I have always been someone who is a go getter and who often adds more to my plate than I can handle, but still find a way to get it all done. Becoming a new mom has proved that I am just not capable of doing it all, without sacrificing my mental health in the process.

I’ve always wanted to be home and present with my children, my mom did it for us and I wanted to be able to do that for my children. When I finally became a mom, I wanted that dream even more. Charlotte has truly been the biggest blessing and light of my life and spending time with her has been so much more than I ever anticipated it to be. With getting back into blogging, speaking and work at my part time youth mental health job, I was quickly starting to get overwhelmed and was losing sight of what is important to me, which is spending time with Charlotte and watching her grow. There’s something quite magical about it all – watching the curiosity in her eyes, seeing her accomplish new goals that we have been working towards, and being able to make her laugh and smile – it’s just magical and wonderful and I am learning more and more that I don’t want to miss out on this time period that goes by way too fast.

I have been debating back and forth with myself what I would need to give up to make sure I could be as present as possible for Charlotte, which also meant that I needed to find ways to continue to make my mental health a priority. Everything was becoming too much to handle and I was reminded by a memory of my mom that when I go too fast and do too much, I make mistakes because I loose sight of what’s important to me. And that’s when it hit me. That’s when it hit me that something had to give, and unfortunately that meant leaving a position at my part time job that has done so much for me and my personal and professional growth.

Letting my job know that I was leaving was a huge and emotional step. It is a scary step because now my income relies solely on my business. But I took a chance on me before when I even started my business, and I am taking a chance on me again and knowing that money may come and go but these precious memories and moments won’t last forever.

So this is my message to you. Slow down. Don’t go so fast through life. You too, may lose sight while you’re doing that of what is important to you. Sometimes doing what is important to you and what speaks to your core values is a scary step, but it could just be that necessary step that changes your life for the better. I know we hear this message all of the time to slow down and be in this present moment because time goes by so fast. But I urge you to really ask yourself what’s important to you in life and I challenge you to slow down and embrace it. Every moment is fleeting. Time is a thief. So if there is something or someone in your life who no longer helps you grow or takes away from your happiness – you can make the tough, but right decision to step away and do what makes you happy.

I truly do not know what the future holds for me. But every day for you and for me is full of uncertainty. The one thing I know for certain is that I am proud of myself for trusting my gut, hearing my mom’s reminder from heaven and leaning into it wholeheartedly, and taking a chance on me so that I can be the best mother to Charlotte and the best me to me. I know for sure that I am going to be living out what’s most important to me. Not every day will be easy, but I am ready to slow down and soak it all up.

I hope you too have the opportunity to slow down and do what’s important to you. We all know that time goes by too fast, so I hope that you can make a decision for your life that you feel proud of – one where you too can see the wonder of life right in front of your eyes and ask yourself, “how did I get so lucky?”. I hope that for all of us. What’s important to you? Slow down and go do that. You’ll be proud of yourself, despite the uncertainty, I promise you that.


Be Beautifully Simply You