Spring4Life 2022

Celebrating 1N5 and May – Mental Health Awareness Month

The mission of 1N5 is to prevent suicide by erasing the stigma of mental illness and promoting optimal mental wellness. Our vision is for a community with optimal mental health for all.

This year, instead of a one night gala or virtual event, 1N5’s Spring4Life is going to look a little different. Because we see the toll the ongoing ramifications of COVID and the instability of current events is taking on our children, families, friends and ourselves, Spring4Life 2022 is a love letter of sorts to our supporters. We are dedicating ourselves to helping our supporters throughout May, Mental Health Awareness Month, take care of themselves by presenting a month-long collection of events, speakers, family opportunities, and giveaways and everyone’s invited! We are busy putting together a calendar that promotes wellness and connection for all. The fragility of our mental health is evident now more than ever and we believe it’s important to share our resources with you. You cannot pour from an empty cup and the goal of Spring4Life 2022 is to fill your cups! Communities are only as healthy as the people in them and Mental Health Awareness Month is the perfect time for a community check-in. You have demonstrated that you care about the work 1N5 does, now it’s our turn to show you the love.

Please check back for more details in the coming weeks.

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