State of Mind Speaker Series – Advocacy and Education

Black Youth Mental Health: Barriers to Treatment & Tips for Seeking Help Screen for Mental Health (7:53)
Dr. Angela Scott – Ph.D., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Child & Adolescent Psychologist
Dr. Scott talks about mental health in the African American community- specifically among youth.  She addresses the necessity for increased awareness of mental health needs within the community including barriers that may prevent individuals from getting the help they need.  She offers African American youth practical advice on how to seek help and suggests questions to ask a potential counselor or therapist.
Audience: Youth


Mind, Body & Spirit: How we are connected and how loss and change affect us (32:10)
Dr. Dan Nelson, MD – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Medical Director, Child Psychiatry Unit
This enlightening talk will leave you feeling grounded and centered. Part philosophical & part meditative, Dr. Dan Nelson will help you explore the connection between your mind, body, and spirit and explain how loss and change affects all aspects of our being.

Audience: Parents/Caregivers/Educators/Youth


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