State of Mind Speaker Series for Youth

What to do When We’re All Missing Out – Managing Grief & Loss During COVID-19 (52:05)
Ann Marie Kahwaty-Bogan, MSW, LISW-S, Companions on a Journey, Bereavement Specialist
For youth, there are numerous losses right now: school, work, connection, the prom, sports, certainty, predictability, and normalcy. Some losses are life delayed and some are canceled and gone forever. One of the most effective ways to cope with grief and loss is through social connection which is not available for many right now. This session will provide an overview of grief, how grief works in the body, and techniques for identifying and managing the grief of lost experiences.


Creating Your Resilience Toolbox (31:02)
Dr. Ashley Solomon, PsyD, CEDS – Galia Collaborative, Founder
Resilience is the ability to adapt to adversity, trauma, loss, and other sources of stress. There are simple skills that can be taught to youth to build their resiliency. This webinar will introduce these evidence-based techniques and the rationale behind them.



Quarantine Self-Care (25:39)
Pete Mesrin, LPCC-S
Self-care has never been more important than in these unprecedented times. COVID-19 has disrupted youths’ school and social lives, leaving youth isolated from their peers. This webinar will introduce, discuss, and practice various self-care strategies; strategies that may look different today than they did a few months ago.



Goodbye Stress! (20:41) 
Danielle Williamson, LISW-W, CTP – Lighthouse Youth & Family Services, School-Based Services Manager
Right now, youth may be experiencing extreme levels of stress and anxiety. This workshop will introduce the basics of stress and anxiety and teach simple coping techniques using a trauma-informed lens.



Introduction to Mindfulness – Mindfulness for Uncertain Times (32:53)
Jen Wright, BA, MBA, E-RYT500, C-IAYT – Real Human Performance, Director of Mental Resilience and Corporate Wellness
Meriden McGraw, MPH – Meriden, LLC, Founder

Mindfulness is an evidence-based tool shown to reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety. This session is designed to introduce the concept and practice to individuals who are unfamiliar with mindfulness. The session will provide a brief overview of benefits, discuss the impact of mindfulness on well-being, and teach participants a few short practices they can implement.

Mindfulness Deeper Dive (2:05:31)
Jen Wright, BA, MBA, E-RYT500, C-IAYT – Real Human Performance, Director of Mental Resilience and Corporate Wellness
Meriden McGraw, MPH – Meriden, LLC, Founder

The purpose of this session is to work with a group of people who are already familiar with mindfulness and want to dive deeper into the practices. The session will include research on the impact and benefits of mindfulness for adults and youth, the history of the practice, introduce various types of mindfulness practices, and lead participants through multiple practices.

Mind, Body & Spirit: How we are connected & how loss and change affect us (32:10)

Dr. Dan Nelson, MD – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Medical Director, Child Psychiatry Unit
This enlightening talk will leave you feeling grounded and centered. Part philosophical & part meditative, Dr. Dan Nelson will help you explore the connection between your mind, body, and spirit and explain how loss and change affects all aspects of our being.



Managing Stress and Distress: A Conversation For Teens (57:52)
Dr. Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd
Adolescence can be an intensely stressful time. In this video for teens, Dr. Stuart Slavin, pediatrician and well-being expert, discusses mindset and thinking patterns that can add to personal distress and affect mental health and well-being with three college students. He then describes simple strategies that can be used to change those thinking patterns and feel less distress.