The Pain Comes in Waves, But The Wave Will Pass

The pain comes in waves. Hold on and trust that this wave will pass.

It has been a really hard week for my family. My mom has been in the hospital all week for various cancer related issues and my cousin passed away after being on life support for a few days. It’s been hard to watch those around me hurting, it’s been hard to be hurting myself.

I’ve been realizing more and more how much this journey has been draining for all of us and how it has impacted my motivation, my happiness, my overall well being. The pain truly comes in waves. Sometimes I forget, my brain blocks the pain and I do the things I need or want to and I feel just fine. Other times, the current of the water is strong and the painful waves are nonstop.

It’s a process. Sometimes a painful process, but a process. Although that wave you are on may be exhausting and full of sadness and anger, ride it out. That wave will pass and eventually subside at the shore. Those moments of stillness might not be full of sheer happiness, but they will be full of calm and acceptance.

So keep going. Keep trusting the process. Keep having faith, even when you’re angry at the universe. Unfortunately, we can’t fully prevent the waves from coming in our lives, there will be pain and stress along our journey. It’s within those moments of pain, stress and happiness, that we can learn what it feels like to be alive again, what it feels like to feel joy again, what it feels like to look back at something that was so painful and yet you overcame.

I hope that whatever wave you are on right now, that you know that this will pass and that you are strong, beautiful and capable, and that you have worth, and you can endure. And I can too. We can endure. We can get through this wave. One moment at a time.


Be Beautifully Simply You