Therapist Takes Over Insta

This week for #freeyourmindfriday, Nikki, a therapist living with her own chronic and mental illnesses, took over our Instagram stories. Check out her bio below!

Hi all, I’m Nikki. I am so excited to be taking over 1N5’s Instagram stories!

So, I am not your normal therapist. I am proud of that. I have loads of experience, training and qualifications in helping people heal and recover—20 odd years working clinically in the UK NHS, most recently as a Consultant in Rehabilitation. I now work privately as a therapist as well as part-time in the NHS.

I have also had more than my fair share of chronic illnesses. I am disabled. I understand what it is like to be ill, feel ill and layer illness on top of illness. I have had serious illnesses all my life but a couple of years ago I was working and studying way too much, I was exhausted, in pain and hiding how unwell I was. Then I fell down the stairs. I had to stop working and studying for a Doctorate. I was in too much pain. I lost my purpose. I couldn’t help others, I couldn’t help myself. It took time, patience and support, but I began to feel better.

Now I use all my professional skills and lived experience to support others with mental health and chronic illness. I am a really good listener. I work hard to help people feel listened to, heard and understood. I am phenomenal at keeping the confidence of and remembering things about the people I meet.

I really care. Working with people and seeing them grow and heal really lights my fire.  To me, there really is nothing better.

Love, kindness, empathy and working as a strong team are everything to me. My family and friends will agree with that!

I am also fiercely loyal and protective. Very dyslexic. Creative.  Not so great at looking after myself.

I am working on this.

I like and strive for a simple life.  I am rarely without family or our two dogs by my side or cooking, baking or chatting! I like being outside best of all, except for those days when it’s raining so hard or so windy the weather lifts you off your feet!