Trust yourself, and do what is best for you

I’m leaning into trusting myself in a way that I never have before, and it feels truly and absolutely amazing. I think most of my life I’ve been the type of person that needed validation. For part of my life, I needed validation about who I was and if I was good enough, but for all of my life, I’ve needed validation of my decisions. My mom used to always give her opinion on what I was doing, and even though sometimes her opinions frustrated me to my core, I trusted her opinions and quite honestly, would forego my own opinions for hers. I would do this with friends too. I would often times stray away from my gut because I couldn’t trust myself.

As I got older, my mom stopped giving her opinion and she would say things like, “You’ll figure it out”. That frustrated me even more! I told her how desperately I needed her opinion, because even when I strayed away from my gut, trusting her always worked out for the greater good for me. I always joked about how my mom had this sixth sense and just knew what was best for me. But again, that kept me from trusting myself.

Once she died, I had no option of leaning into my mom’s opinion, so I turned to anyone else I could think of. It wasn’t until the past few months that I learned I can truly listen to myself and that I can truly trust myself. While going through a major life change this past year, I was asking everyone possible what they would do if they were me. I was asking and asking and ignoring what my gut had been telling me from day one. At some point, I got sick of asking and finally decided to quiet the noise, lean into myself, and take a risk to trust the inner voice that had been telling me what I needed to do. Over the past few months, I have time and time again allowed myself to get quiet and ask myself, “What do I want in this situation?”, it’s allowed me to not only truly trust myself for the first time and do what’s best for me, but to also truly care less about what others think is best for me.

I think so many of us don’t know how to trust ourselves. It’s perfectly fine to get the opinions of others to hear different perspectives, but when you allow their perspectives to push you away from your gut and your inner voice, that’s when you consciously choose to not trust yourself. Leaning into what you want and trusting yourself is so incredibly beautiful and powerful. To be able to make decisions for yourself and not question if they are right or wrong, or ask others if they are right or wrong, is a powerful journey to take. Because your gut may lead you astray, what’s best for you might not be necessarily right or wrong, but when you trust yourself, the decision is right and best for you and that’s what matters most and there’s always a lesson that comes from whatever path you choose.

I’m entering into this new phase that I have never, ever experienced fully and wholeheartedly trusting myself, trusting my decisions, and listening to my inner voice. And I’ve never felt so free. I’ve never felt so light. I’ve never felt so powerful, strong, and sure of myself. It’s like this whole new part of me has been untapped. Through my life journeys, I was able to learn to validate myself, my worth, my beauty, and my talents, and now I’m finally able to validate my inner voice and my choices. And I know my mom would be so proud of me. But you know what? I’m proud of myself. And that’s what matters most.

I hope you can lean into yourself, quiet the noise, and just try it – ask yourself what’s best for you and take a risk to follow that inner voice. Take a risk to follow it and then don’t ask all of your friends if you made a mistake or not. Of course, you can get input and advice for different situations, but don’t let the voices of others lead you astray from your own. Allow yourself to see that only you know what’s best for you. Trust yourself, it’s a beautiful feeling of letting go and starting fresh.


Be Beautifully Simply You