Wide Wonder Takes Over Our Insta While Traveling to Stop Stigma

The duo of parents called, Wide Wonder, are traveling across the country via bus to stop the stigma and eliminate labels placed around mental health, while simultaneously focusing on strengthening their family unit.

One bus, two parents, two tweens, a dog and a year of service in search of Wide Wonder. As accomplished thought leaders, authors and activists in addiction, recovery and mental health, we seek to expand conversations, reduce stigma and experience radical transformation. We believe full lives are possible when we heal in communities and family systems and abandon stigma and labels. We let go of all we thought we should be and have, and instead, we root down in connection with ourselves and others as we meet vibrant communities and individuals in search of change. A refurbished school bus is our ‘tiny house’ for the year, and we are opening ourselves wide to the possibilities of all that is before us and within us.

Wide Wonder is also hosting an event in Cincinnati, in collaboration with the Eating Recovery Center and 1N5 called “Bus Out Stigma”. The event is a FREE community event centered around real talk and real community and of course…delicious BBQ. #getonthebus