You Are Still Worthy As You Are, No Matter What Happened To You

You are still worthy. Despite what has happened in your past. Despite the times you may have fallen short or not done as good as you wanted to. Despite the job you lost, despite the relationship that didn’t go the way you planned. Despite what someone else has told you. You are still worthy, as you are.

It’s easy for us to equate our worth with our successes and failures. If we feel we have failed, we then also feel like a failure and feel that we are no longer worthy of good in the world. I spent a lot of my life attaching my self-worth to the goals I had for myself. I remember telling myself in college that if I didn’t run 54 seconds in the 400, that I was a failure. So when I didn’t run that time at the end of college, I felt exactly that, a failure, and I hated myself and all of my self-worth went out the window. It took me a few years to rebuild the self-worth that I had lost.

It’s a reminder for me day to day as I face new challenges in my life. It’s easy for me to feel like a bad mom or feel bad about my body or about myself and my career trajectory. A lot of it is tied to fear, the fear of the unknown. So this is a reminder for you and for me, to be bold and be fearless in loving yourself and knowing that you are worthy and to try to see your self-worth as separate from your goals. Remind yourself that no matter what happens with the goals you have for yourself, that you are still worthy. That you still have strengths and that you still have incredible qualities about you that make you uniquely, simply, beautifully, you.

I know it may not feel like it right now if you are in the midst of a struggle or a hard time, but you are worthy of all of the good in the world. You are worthy of love and kindness from others and from yourself. You are worthy of seeing your tomorrow. You are worthy of holding onto hope and knowing that better days are ahead and that you are worthy of seeing those better days. You are worthy of removing people in your life not good for you. You are worthy of whatever dream you have for yourself.

Reframe your mindset. You are worthy despite your past and despite what you’ve told yourself all of these years. You are worthy. You always have been, and you still are.


Be Beautifully Simply You